Brazilian Blowdry in Covent Garden

Brazilian blowdry negates the use of straighteners and special shampoos by directly introducing Keratin into the strands of your hair, thereby nourishing as well as styling it in less time than it would take to do individually. Hair weakened by chemical treatment or damaged by intense heat can in particular benefit from this process as the hair fibre is strengthened and rejuvenated leaving it soft, manageable and shiny looking.

It takes 90 minutes to apply to short hair and up to 150 minutes for longer hair. Once complete your hair will be smooth and kink free for up to four months after. You should avoid wetting the hair, applying hair care or styling product or gathering it with a band or ribbon for 4 days after application.

Our staff will of course fully advise you on how to maximise the treatment once you leave the salon.

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